Our Company was organised in 1970 as a Ministry for Assembly and Special Construction. After declaring independence of the Uzbek Republic the Ministry was reformed into the O’zmontajmaxsusqurilish Association with special Decree of the Uzbek Republic President and all the organisations of the former Ministry that joined the Association were privatised... in detail

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Uzbekistan News
http://uza.uz/upload/iblock/06d/Angor_s-pomegranates.jpg Angor’s pomegranates (20.10.2019)
Bozor Butayev from Tallimaron makhalla of Surkhandarya’s Angor district is one of the successful entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in pomegranate farming. batafsil

http://uza.uz/upload/iblock/f23/Samarkand-hosts-Generous-Nature-Fair.jpg Samarkand hosts Generous Nature Fair (20.10.2019)
Farmers and industrial enterprises of the region are taking part in the event with their products. batafsil

http://uza.uz/upload/iblock/d9c/Uzbekistan_s-Ambassador-presents-credentials-to-President-of-Vietnam.jpg Uzbekistan’s Ambassador presents credentials to President of Vietnam (20.10.2019)
Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan with the residence in Jakarta Ulugbek Rozukulov presented credentials to the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Nguyễn Phú Trọng. batafsil

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